Oral health awareness project

The idea of starting prevention and health education started after noticing a significant increase in the  number of children visiting our clinic in 2014  with almost generalized carious lesions in their temporary teeth.  These caries were not always treatable in using the conservative approach, which led  to the extraction of infected teeth.

We was very concerned about the aggravation of this trend on the long term.  The management of these caries are beyond our capacity and would require much, more time and resource.

Therefore, we decided to invest in preventive measures by starting prevention campaigns that educate and illustrate the importance of oral and dental hygiene.

We have provided prevention campaigns for over 4000 school boys and school girls (between ages 5-15 years) of communities  Idleb and Aleppo Governorates in Syria, as well as  to schools in in Kilis and Gaziantep governorates in Turkey.

In these campaigns, we toughed the children the correct way of brushing their teeth, and how to protect their teeth from being decayed by developing healthy diet habits, avoiding sugars, and avoiding unnatural processed food.

We can summarize the goals of these campaigns as following:

  • Obtaining an understanding about the current health awareness level of oral hygiene among children.

  • Explore the percentage of those children who apply proper preventive measures

  • Correct wrong ideas and educate children about the right way to clean and maintain their teeth.

  • Encourage children to raise their level of oral care by distributing oral care kits (toothpastes, toothbrushes, and educational booklets).

the average cost for an oral care session / child ( including the distribution of an oral health kit) is 3 USD , and here you can choose to help us in these efforts by donating for this project in the form upward