Free Dental sessions

through out the years .. white smile network of clinics was providing free dental sessions for people in need inside syria


extractions and minor surgeries

Extractions and minor surgeries are common in White Smile clinics , what we make sure of is that NOT A SINGLE teeth is extracted without a proper indication. the work in crisis situation make this equation challenging everyday , and for that we support our doctors with policies and guidelines to add to their judgment.

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Periodontal treatment

Periodontal conditions are typically neglected in crisis zones , unless reaching an advanced level and constant bleeding . pain , or tooth mobility , White Smile doctors provides non surgical periodontal debridement using ultra sonic scalers

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Maxillofacial surgeries

due to the attacks against civilians  and targeting of crowded buildings , oral and facial traumas are quiet popular , White Smile support dentists with training regarding initial fixation and ligation of the maxilla's , referrals and maxillofacial surgeries

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Diagnostic services

diagnostic services  inform patients and parents about the status of dental care , provide a clinical and radio-graphic opportunity  to inform the patient and to suggest a treatment plan , also , it could be followed by medication for cases that requires prior administration of medicines before the dental intervention

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Pediatirc dentistry

alleviating the suffering of children is essential in our work , We provide dental care in a difficult environment where children are already traumatized by the ongoing war. White Smile dentists try to make sure that they would not add more pain or fear from dental care to our little angels

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Conservative treatment

the second most needed treatment in our dental clinics , Doctors of white smile provide resin composite restorations , Dental amalgam restoration , and Glass inomer temporary fillings. 

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Endodontic treatment

the most encountered lesions that our dentists are facing are deep dental caries , apical abscesses , and necrotic pulpeous infections , all requires urgent dental care , the endodontic treatment is prioritized over all kind of other treatment in white smile clinics  

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