Retain dentists inside Syria , Qualify more Dental care staff inside and build the capacity of the current staff

As much as the above line could sounds logic , the task is not as simple as it looks like , we basically has dedicated 2 programs in order to be able to reach this goal. with many sub projects under each one 

Capacity building

it is esstential that dental staff is well trained so that they can always provide quality dental care for our patients. for this , white smile conducts capacity building courses for its dental staff . covering everthing from the basic concepts into practical aspects of dental care

Dental guidelines



alongside with the provided training , White Smile also developed dental guidelines that cover various topics including (non exhaustive list) : 

  1. Disinfection and Cleaning Protocol

  2. Medical Attire

  3. Disinfection of Tile, Surfaces and Furniture of the Clinic Protocol

  4. Cleaning and sterilizing Dental Instruments

  5. Hand Washing Protocol

  6. Dental Emergencies

  7. Acute Medical and Surgical Oral Diseases

  8. Conservative Dentistry Protocols

  9. Removable Prosthodontics Protocols

  10. Pediatric Dentistry Protocol