Our Story

It has all started in late 2012 , when the events of the Syrian uprising has reached Aleppo city.

Since August 2012 , Rebels started to access the eastern parts of Aleppo , and the government forces started to indiscriminately attack these neighborhoods. the result was a massive displacement  from Eastern Aleppo . Those who have stayed did this either because they want to , or because they have  limited resources  and particularly vulnerable.

One way or another , those people should  not be left behind , they should be entitled to have access to health care despite of anything .

A big gap revealed itself in dental care , with all the focus is on food supplies and medical care , dental care did not seemed as a priority for many.

for us , it was a complete different story, as dentists , we knew for sure that treating acute pulpitis or a dental abscess is a priority and should not be delayed.

this is how the idea of White Smile has started , when we decided to provide patients with first aid dental care for free. Our first ever clinic was launched in February 2013 , at that time , our name was : the Dental care programme.


Since then , White Smile doctors continued to provide the care they could provide to their patients despite the great danger that threatened their personal safety and the safety of their families. Trying to adhere to their ethical standards and professional duty towards their parents in the darkest circumstances.

after the fall of Aleppo in late 2016 , the team has agreed to move management to turkey ,  in order to obtain a registration and a legal status that would enable others to recognize and help our work , consequently , we  were  registered as a licensed association in the Republic of Turkey on 23/9/2016 under the number 27-020-067  and its headquarters were moved from Aleppo to Gaziantep city. and from that moment on , The Dental care programme has become  White Smile.

Why changing the name  ? Simply because the authorities did not approve the name of a ( programme ) as a name for the organization , so we had  to come with a catchy name in multiple languages to convince them ! in your opinion , what is the most ( outside the box ) name that a group of dentists can come up with ? you may have started to have a guessing we believe  :)

But we are still who we are, and we will continue to provide dental care , prevention and oral health services to Syrians in all places where they need health services in general and dental services in particular. We are   the only Syrian NGO  that has this focused scope of work.


now , if you are one of our donors and you want to have some serious information about White Smile , maybe the above paragraph will not be suitable for you ,  click on the bottom and you will have our formal version of the story